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How to Reset Your Router ?

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How to Reset the Router  (Modem) ?

If you’re having trouble accessing the router interface, you may want to reset the router back to its factory settings, This is easy to do, but there are some important things to know before you reset.

When you reset the router (modem ), the user name and password information, settings and the connection information provided to you by your service provider will be deleted. Therefore, make a note of this information before you reset your router. If you do not know your username and password, you will not be able to access therouter interface, so you cannot recover other information.

How to Return the Router Modem to Factory Defaults

How to Reset the Router ( Modem ) ?

To reset the modem, there is a reset button or hole on the back of the device. You can press and hold this button or hole until the modem lights turn off and then on again. This time may vary from modem to modem. It may be a few seconds or 20 – 30 seconds.

After You Reset the Modem, You Can Go Here to Learn the Default Modem Username Passwords.

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