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How to Find Wifi Password Windows 10

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Wifi passwords are usually forgotten once they are introduced to devices. And we can’t remember when we need it. However, there is a way to find the registered wi-fi password on Windows 10 programmatically.

When you join a Wi-Fi network, the password is hidden by the stars, and is defaulted to default. A number of asterisks hides the area your password contains and keeps it safe. Of course this is a sign of trust in privacy. However, you may want to see the password of a network that you have already joined. When you are working on your computer, a friend comes and you may want to connect to your Internet from the room mobile.

what can you do if you don’t remember the password? You can learn your connected Wi-Fi password instantly from your computer without using a software.

How to Find Wi-Fi password without connecting to router interface ?

1. From the Windows System Tray, right-click the Wi-Fi icon and open the Network and Sharing Center.

2. Click Connections: (your Wi-Fi network name) to open the Wi-Fi Status Window.

3. In the Wifi Status Window, click Wireless Features.

4. Switch to the Security tab and select a check box in the Show characters at the bottom of the box with points in the network security key box.

And as you can see, we could find our wireless network password without using software.


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