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How to Change your Wireless Name and Password

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Each wireless Wi-Fi network has a name. The Wi-fi Network is named by name to make it easier for people to find their own networks. This is called SSID (Service Set Identifier).

When the ISP establishes a new Internet connection, it typically uses the default SSID of the modem, and it consists of the letter-number. It is possible to change visually insignificant letters and numbers.You can change the SSID at the router level. The exact steps will be different depending on your router, but it is not difficult to change the name of the wi-fi network with a logical advance.

How to Change your Wireless Name and Password

1. Type the address of your router in the address line and press enter. For me, it is This may be a different variation for you. How to find default router ip adress list

2- Sign in and press OK.

3-Click Wireless settings at the top.

4- Wireless Network Name (SSID): where you will see your wireless network name and password, where you can change the wireless network name and password.

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